Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November 27, 1993

This was sort of a dream within a dream. In the main dream I was watching an odd performance on tv. A man and woman sat in silence on a platform, both nude, facing each other. On the sides of their bodies facing toward the camera (arm, leg, torso side) they had what looked like a mixture of unusual scars, scabbed wounds, and fresh blood. In this case the blood and such was make-up effects, not real, because within the dream I knew what I was watching was a staged version (with actors) of an image that I knew to have come from a previous dream I had at an earlier time. In reality there had been no previous dream of this scene- that's just how the performance was explained in the dream. The combination of the unusual plot structure and the image of the couple kept the dream in my head all day and pushed me to choose it as the subject of the day's print.

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